How it all started

As regular visitors of the Swedish archipelago by boat and canoe the founders of WestAndersonDesign and inventors of the supm8 was amazed that no high quality electric propulsion unit for surfboards, canoes and other smaller sized watercrafts was available on the market. The options on the market either had low performance or a very high price - a mid-range propulsion solution was needed.

The development

The idea being, simply put, electric is the future. Brushless electric motors, BLDC, have the unique feature of only having one moving part, the rotor. In the ROV-hobby community (remotely operated vehicle) using epoxy treated BLDC motors is a common way of making simple waterproof thruster units for propelling the vehicles. The same principle, applied on a larger motor, integrated with a smart control unit, packaged for customer convenience and with an optimized propeller would generate a product that not only has an attractive price but also uncontested performance compared to options on the market. 2 years of experimenting with different sized motors, propeller optimization, control units, epoxi treatments, testing and more testing - the supm8 was born.

The supm8

What makes the supm8 stand out is its performance and environmentally friendly battery solution. The sump8 is designed for all types of users:
  • The long driver - the large battery box allows for a massive amount of batteries, giving hours of use that truly enables real use-cases while using the unit as a means of transportation.
  • The joy-rider - the high speed of >10km/h gives a thrilling experience not available with products in the same price range.
  • The hobbyist - the modular battery layout enables the enthusiast to choose the batteries best suitable for them. Reusing existing batteries from RC-vehicles or creating your own.
  • The future

    The supm8 is the first product, but definitely not the last. The major components in the system are designed to be configurable and multiplied for special-orders. How about 4pcs propulsion units mounted on individually controlled turntables with joy-stick controller-unit and GPS navigation? Autonomous sauna-raft? Above is one of many fun project ideas we have in mind, don't hesitate to contact us if you have an idea you need help to realize.